The multi-year agreement between WWE and NBCU earlier this year saw the WWE Network, WWE’s streaming service, move to the Peacock streaming service for American viewers is paying off big for both sides.

Matt Belloni noted in his “What I’m Hearing Newsletter” on Puck that conversion rates are high for Peacock. At the time of the transition of subs going from WWE Network to Peacock, WWE had 1.1 million subscribers. One million Network subs successfully converted to Peacock subscribers.

Also, more than half of those 3 million Peacock subscribers have watched WWE content since coming to the service and more than half of those 3 million subs have indicated they signed up for Peacock to watch WWE programming.

The Sports Business Journal first reported when the deal was made that it is set for five years and worth more than $1 billion. Comcast CEO Brian Roberts said on an earnings call in October that Peacock had 54 million users with around 20 million “monthly active accounts.”

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