A number of police members came to the spot around

Fourteen teachers and some staff were locked inside the academic building

The teachers and staff of Ranindra University, confined by the agitating students in the academic building since Sunday afternoon, were freed by the police after midnight.

“A number of police members came to the spot around 2am and forced the students to free them. They hurled abuses towards us and would have assaulted us had we not let them out,” Zafar Hossain, one of the organizers, told Dhaka Tribune on Monday morning.”The university authorities are not expelling the teacher [Farhana Yeasmin, suspended for forced haircut of 14 students] and now sending police to foil our protests. This is outrageous. We will not stop our movement,” said Zafar, a second-year student of Rabindra University.

There were 14 teachers and some staff locked inside the academic building, and the students allowed other staff to send foods for them in the night.

“The students let us out and even dropped some of us home,” Laila Ferdous Himel, one of the teachers and chairman of the Rabindra Studies Department, told Dhaka Tribune on Monday morning.

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