these games show that they inherit the 'chibi' style of big-headed

The ‘chibi’ aesthetic may not have been liked at first, but the remakes of the Nintendo Ds games hide a lot of tweaks here and there

Pokémon Shining Diamond and Shining Pearl arrive at a perfect time, as always happens with the games in the saga: Christmas is just around the corner and giving video games to children, nephews or grandchildren or lifelong friends is the most normal of the world. In an online session, EL MUNDO was able to see first-hand, although not play, some of the improvements that Nintendo, GameFreak and The Pokémon Company have carried out with this installment, which is not totally new but a remake.

Remakes like Pokémon Shiny Devil and Shining Pearl are what they are: updated versions with minimal changes from the originals so that players who once enjoyed it can now do it again at the same time as people who do not. did in his day. There are gamers who hate this idea and who prefer remakes with profound changes as much as other people who hate changing the product they remember from their childhood. If with Pokémon Let’s Go Nintendo bet more on the first approach, it is obvious that with Pokémon Shining Devil and Shining Pearl they have opted for continuity.

Graphically, these games show that they inherit the ‘chibi’ style of big-headed dolls from the original games, although all with a great update in between and with combats in which the creatures and trainers do seem more human. Having seen it a little more in motion, I have to say that it looks better than it seemed at first. It is clear that those responsible have not put as many resources in this remake as in previous ones, but I do not blame them if their efforts are put in a new game that is going to completely change the Pokémon genre, as we already know will happen.

As far as playable, some of the game’s particularities have been adapted as well as possible. For example, the tool that was used with the touch screen of the Nintendo DS, now is superimposed on the screen of the Nintendo Switch when pressing a button; but all its functionalities are still intact. There are also aspects of the newer games that have been included in this version. I’m not talking about attacks or skill modifications, but about elements such as shared experience between creatures. By default, the experience dealer is active in the game. The important thing does not seem to have changed. Sinnoh continues to be a diverse world, with a multitude of creatures, with Team Galaxia doing their thing and with the mythological Pokémon of space and time in between. Palkia and Dialga are still on the covers for something.

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