Young Leosia, a 23-year-old Polish rapper and DJ, appeared on Tuesday in the TVN program “Kuba Wojewódzki”. In an interview with the host of the show, she spoke about feminism, among other things. – I am not the person who talks about it, because I am the person who creates it – she emphasized.Who is Young Leosia?

Young Leosia, or rather Sara Leokadia Sudoł, started her career playing as a DJ in clubs. In August 2020, she debuted with the single “Islands”, and then with “I fell in love, but you broke up”. In October of the same year, she released the single “ULALA” with Żabson, Beteo and Borucci, and also sang a guest appearance on Nik Tendo’s song “Loyal”. It gained popularity in 2021 thanks to the single “Szklanki”. Later, she appeared in Mata’s music video for the song “Kiss cam (podryw roku)”, and in August she released the single “Jungle Girl” with Żabson.She’s not a showbiz girlfriend
The rapper on Tuesday, August 29, appeared in the program “Kuba Wojewódzki” together with Andrzej Piaseczny. Wojewódzki pointed out that “the whole country is passionate about it”, which was a reference to her hit “Glass”. – It may have been a small artistic exaggeration at first, but it has come true, so … Why not? – replied the DJ.

During the conversation, Young Leosia denied the information that she was Żabson’s partner and that she has nothing in common with Smolasty. She added that “she is not a girl from show business.”Rap strives for materialism”
Young Leosia confirmed during the interview that she cares about money. – Rap strives for materialism, to do the so-called paper to show it. This is an individual matter, not every rapper does it. (…) Is it wrong that we strive to get rich and prosper? The truth is that our prosperity is also the prosperity of the country, the next generations, our children – she explained.

When asked why her work does not mention the current social situation, she stated that “she is not the person who talks about it” because “she is the person who creates it”. – It means that I am an example for others that, being a rapper, DJ and sound engineer, you can also be a woman and do it. This is how I understand my feminism. I leave it to other people to describe it – she argued.

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