Kneeling in the low tide, the mother and children's hospital was not left out

Knee water has accumulated in the lower part of the city due to the tidal water of the full moon. Agrabad CDA Residential, Maternal and Child Hospital, Shantibagh, Halishahar, Chandgaon, Bakalia, Khatunganj and several other areas have been flooded.

However, due to the severe lockdown, people did not go out on the road without urgent need.
The ground floor of the old building of Agrabad Maternal and Child Hospital was not left out of the tidal water. The relatives, doctors, nurses and officials of the patient have to come and go at this time.

Asaduzzaman, who brought the patients to the hospital, told banglanews that the mother and children’s hospital is the trust of the lower and middle class patients in the vast area from Patenga to Halishahar. Here you can get good quality service for much less money than the clinic. But every year during the monsoon season, when it rains heavily or during the full moon, knee-deep water rises on the ground floor of the old hospital building like the Agrabad CDA residence. I don’t know when the floor will be raised or it will be shifted to a new building.

Anika Tabassum, a resident of CDA Residential, told banglanews that those who are constructing new buildings are laying the ground floor far above the road. But the ground floor of the earlier houses has been abandoned. Mosquitoes are spreading in the water. Many schools and government offices are in the same situation.

Patenga Meteorological Office Forecasting Officer. Muhammad Shahidul Islam told banglanews that we have recorded 24.8 mm of rain in the previous 24 hours till 3 pm on Sunday (July 25). There is no warning signal for Chittagong seaport, but there is a naval warning signal number 1 in the river port.

Answering a question, he said that due to the effect of full moon, abnormal tide is being caused in Karnafuli river. We got up to 5.26 meters. At normal times which is between 3 to 4 meters. There may be moderate rain or thundershowers in many places with temporary gusts till 6 pm on Monday.

The tide of the day on Sunday starts from 9:15 am. The highest tide was at 2:16 p.m. Then the ebb begins. The tide will come again from 9 pm.

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