Will we ride out the storm,” the company posted.

Singaporean Mandopop star JJ Lin has announced two live performance dates in Singapore next month.

On Friday (October 22), the Taiwan-based singer shared a poster on social media that announced the dates November 27 and 28. It also shared the cryptic line ‘After The Rain’ and indicated he was teasing something “live in Singapore” and “a charity special”.

It is currently unclear if these performances will be virtual or in front of a live audience. In Singapore, live performances can take place but with reduced audience capacity (50 people without pre-event COVID-19 testing) and safe management measures.The artist also captioned the post with poetic lines in English and Chinese – what might be lyrics to an unreleased song.

“I’m going underwater/ I’m feeling needles cut through / I see my world getting darker,” Lin wrote. “Will you take me away? / After the rain / Into a place we’ll never have to / Bear any pain.”Lin’s company JFJ Productions also posted a similar announcement, but with different lines in its caption.

“This torrential downpour / Unprecedented, and disquieting / Only with concerted efforts / Will we ride out the storm,” the company posted.

“11/27 + 11/28 / There’s light at the end of the tunnel / Our songs will bring healing / Our journey will be remembered / After The Rain, we will be stronger.”

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