Freedom may be reduced in Germany without vaccination

The government of Angela Merkel has warned that those in Germany who do not receive the coronavirus vaccine may lose their freedom of movement.

Helge Brown, a senior adviser to the German chancellor, said: “Freedom of movement may be reduced for those who have not been vaccinated despite the opportunity.

News: Deutsche Welle.
“Those who do not get vaccinated may be barred from entering bars, cinema halls or playgrounds,” he said. ’

The third wave of corona is going on in the European country Germany. While the situation has improved somewhat, the rate of infection has been rising again over the past two weeks.

Analyzing data from the Robert Koch Institute, The Local reported that the rate of infection per million in Germany last Friday was 13.2 percent. Earlier, the infection rate was 12.2 percent. And on July 7, the infection rate was four point nine percent.

Health experts fear a fourth wave of corona in the country due to the rise in infections.

Meanwhile, the government is trying to vaccinate everyone to prevent corona infection. According to the latest data, 80 percent of adults in the country have already received at least one dose of the vaccine. However, critics claim that the vaccination process is slow.

Helge Brown said: “The fourth wave of coronavirus in Germany could have serious consequences. Those who have not been vaccinated should avoid social contact if the corona test shows an elevation of the infection. ’

“As a result of the vaccine, we are 90 percent protected from infection,” said the adviser, a physician by profession. And so those who have been vaccinated will enjoy more freedom than those who have not. ’

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