Dr. published like Bangla News. Shamsuzzaman Advocate Notice

Due to the news published in banglanews, the head of the department of microbiology of Dhaka Medical College, Prof. Lawyer notice has been sent to SM Samsuzzaman.

Sunday (July 25) said. Samsuzzaman informed banglanews about the notice received by post.

The notices were given by Muhammad Mahbub Alam, editor of the daily Al Ihsan and the monthly Bayyinat. Address 5 Outer Circular Road, Rajarbagh Sharif, Dhaka.

The notice said, “You have commented in the news published in Banglanews on July 10 that there is no alternative to implementing ‘lockdown’.”

It further said that your publicized assessment of the Corona situation in Bangladesh is unrealistic, unscientific and misleading. There is no proven scientific basis for the comment that ‘lockdown’ can reduce mortality. The top 10 countries in the world with the highest number of deaths in Corona have been locked down. On the other hand, Sweden is in the 25th position without any lockdown. Even after the lifting of the lockdown, the number of victims has decreased in many countries.

Earlier, due to the news published in banglanews using the same address, the director of Health and Hope Specialized Hospital and public health expert Dr. Lawyer notice was sent to Lelin Chowdhury. Banglanews said. Lawyer notice to Lelin.

Dr. The sentence and word choice of the lawyer notice sent to Lelin Chowdhury are the same. At the same time the lawyer of the notice is also the same person.

In this regard, Professor. SM Samsuzzaman said ‘lockdown’ is a proven method of reducing infection. Earlier in Bangladesh, the first wave of Corona was handled well with ‘Lockdown’. Not only Bangladesh, but other countries of the world also took other measures to cope with the initial push of Corona with ‘Lockdown’.

He added that if the lockdown had been ineffective, the government would not have taken so much action to enforce the lockdown. So those who are doing all this are saying these things for their own cheap propaganda without knowing anything about health management and how to spread the infection, how to control it.

Dr. Samsuzzaman said that these unscientific words of theirs could spread confusion among the people about the ‘lockdown’. The government is also taking various measures to make the lockdown effective. I would call on the government to take action against those who speak out against ‘lockdown’ to reduce infection.

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