Video games are very collaborative by nature.

Julia Nardin and Nikko Stevens unravel part of the magic behind the narrative of Destiny 2, a video game that never stops growing

Destiny 2 is quite a particular video game: it has a plot, but it is a massive online game (MMO) where you play with more people. Every few months, new seasons are released with content, from new game modes to new stories and characters. It is a complex balance that has taken years to achieve,

How has Bungie, the studio that develops it, managed to do something like that? How do you count the motivations of a new villain while developing the sensibilities of new allies? And how do you count something in a game about cosmic powers, invading aliens, and robots that travel through time and space?

“Video games are very collaborative by nature.” The speaker is Julia Nardin, senior head of narrative at Bungie, the studio that develops the Destiny franchise and that in its day created a small saga of video games with almost no importance called ‘Halo’ and that only changed forever how video games are played of shots. «The gamepley, art, sound, production designers, the ‘testers’… […] We put everything together on a blackboard, we unravel what common ground there is between all the parties and then we begin to draw a story based on it

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