Asked why he had given Quader a cheque of Tk20 crore, Moosa replied that Quader wanted to give benefit

Moosa’s claims regarding his wealth are meaningless, says a DB official

Controversial business tycoon Moosa Bin Shamsher claims he did not know about the fraudulent activities of Abdul Quader Chowdhury alias Quader Majhi.

During interrogation at the Detective Branch office in Dhaka on Tuesday, Moosa said he relied on Quader Majhi, and made him his company’s legal advisor without knowing that he had been a fake additional secretary.

Moosa, his wife and their son were summoned to the office of the Detective Branch of police for questioning on Tuesday afternoon, after detectives learnt about business dealings between Quader Majhi and Moosa.

The DB police arrested Quader Majhi on October 7 along with three associates from Dhaka. They were taken in remand in two cases filed against them.

After coming out of the DB office in the evening, Moosa said: “Abdul Quader went to my office identifying himself as an additional secretary. He took snaps with me and used to talk to important persons in front of me. At one point, I drove him away after learning about his fraudulent activities.”

Also known as Prince Moosa, the businessperson added that he would take legal action against Quader.

DB Joint Commissioner Harun-Or-Rashid said Moosa could not avoid the responsibility for his relationship with the fake additional secretary Quader.

“It seemed to me that his (Moosa) claims regarding his wealth are meaningless. He sounds like a fake person and he has nothing.

“Although he has a house in Gulshan, that too in the name of the wife, there is nothing else in his name in Bangladesh. But he makes exaggerated stories,” the DB official added.

Asked why he had given Quader a cheque of Tk20 crore, Moosa replied that Quader wanted to give benefit on his investment.During interrogation, Moosa claimed that his $82 million or Tk700 crore had been stuck in a Swiss Bank account. “If he can bring this money to the country, he will give Tk500 crore to the police and the rest will be used to build a facility for the Anti-Corruption Commission. He also wants to construct a bridge on the Padma River,” Harun added.

Controversies, crimes of Moosa

Moosa, the owner of Datco – a manpower exporting company, had long been involved in mediating defence purchases between different countries. He earned a huge sum of money by sending workers to Middle East countries, mainly Libya, when Genrral HM Ershad was in power.

The Anti-Corruption Commission (ACC) initiated inquiries against him in 2010 and 2011 following newspaper reports on his properties and lavish lifestyle. He then claimed that he had $12 billion kept frozen at a Swiss Bank account.

He was sued by the ACC in 2016 for providing false information regarding the Swiss Bank account, and land ownership in Savar and Gazipur.On the other hand, the Customs Intelligence and Investigate Directorate (CIID) filed a case against him in 2017 on charge of evading Tk2.17cr-worth duty while importing a British-made Range Rover sports-utility vehicle and unclear balance statement at a Swiss Bank.

The same year, the International Crimes Tribunal investigators initiated a probe against Moosa over allegations of siding with the Pakistani Army during the Liberation War.

War crimes researchers and local freedom fighters say he was known as collaborator “Nula Moosa” during the war since he had lost a leg.

In 2018, his name appeared in the Paradise Papers, the second largest leak of documents pertaining to tax evasion. He was listed as both a shareholder and the director of Venus Overseas Holding Company Ltd, under the jurisdiction of Malta Corporate Registry.

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