CU teacher dons blindfold in protest against communal attacks

He called on the government to protect the rights of all citizens

A teacher at Chittagong University protested against the communal attacks across the country by donning a blindfold on Monday morning.

Dr Mohammad Atiqur Rahman, assistant professor at the geography and environmental studies department of CU, staged the individual protest in front of the Joy Bangla sculpture at the university premises.

“The situation that has arisen in Bangladesh in the last few days is not our culture. Such activities hurt us all,” he said.

He strongly condemned the attacks on the homes, places of worship, and members of the Hindu community over the past few days.The CU teacher also requested that the government bring the situation under control as soon as possible.

“The government must protect the rights and dignity of all citizens of the country,” he said.

On October 13, on the eighth day of Durga Puja, several temples in Comilla were attacked and vandalized over allegations that the Holy Quran had been desecrated. In the past few days, Hindu houses, businesses, and places of worship have been attacked in different districts of the country.

The Hindu-Buddhist-Christian Unity Council said more than 60 puja mandaps were attacked, vandalized, looted, and set on fire in the three days after the Comilla incident. As many as 30 houses and 50 shops were vandalized and looted.

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