Boy’s Day is September 30. Let’s not forget about the men closest to us and show them our love and affection. We present poems that will be great wishes for this special day.Soon, on Thursday , September 30 , we will be celebrating Boy’s Day all over Poland . On that day, many schools hold special events – performances or

competitions. It is also a great opportunity to show some affection to our colleagues, partners, brothers and sons. So let’s think about a small gift to which we will attach a greeting note , for example in a rhymed form. We can also send poems to a loved one in a text message or by e-mail. We present some of our proposals for wishes on the Boy’s Day.Poems for the Boy’s Day 2021. Nursery rhymes and wishes

My beloved boy
on your holiday
, please bear in mind
that someone remembers you!


Today is a Boy’s Day ,
so I am sending you wishes,
let your life
change for the better!Personal success and a lot of joy,
fulfillment of dreams and happiness in love!


Today is your holiday,
so I am sending you my best wishes with love, that
you may accumulate a lot of success and
that you will do well!

Stay yourself
and persistently pursue your goal,
never lose hope,
my dear friend!

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