I hope I can learn more about the intrahistory of this second

Super Metroid will continue to be the reference of the saga, but that does not mean that the new deliveries cannot surpass it in many aspects

I have no doubt that Metroid Dread is the best game in the series insofar as it is the best played by far. And although I know that the benchmark of the franchise will continue to be the one that laid the foundations, Super Metroid, I am excited about the work carried out by the Spanish studio Mercury Steam.

I hope I can learn more about the intrahistory of this second collaboration between Nintendo and the Madrid studio, but one thing seems clear: the foundations they laid with Metroid: Samus Returns, the remake of the original Game Boy title, have finally been expanded into a product totally original that also achieves what many fans have been asking for years: that the saga advance in its narrative.

The events of Metroid Dread take place shortly after Metroid Fusion, the last point in the saga’s timeline so far. After being infected with the X parasite, being stripped of her armor and having to prevent the spread of said parasite in a very delicate personal and emotional situation, which involves having to confront herself in a very literal way, Samus Aran was left at a point very interesting as a character.

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