cute costume for your kid or a funny DIY idea, there are loads of easy makeup ideas for Halloween.

Whether you’re after a cute costume for your kid or a funny DIY idea, there are loads of easy makeup ideas for Halloween.

With these easy tutorials, you can create a look that will transform your child ready for trick or treating.

We’ve included some Halloween classics as well as a few ideas which are just a little bit different.

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Follow these easy Halloween makeup tutorials for kids and your child will be spook-ready within minutes.

From spooky favourites like vampires and clowns to pirates, superheroes and even transforming your child into a pensioner, we’ve got it all.

Here are 10 easy Halloween makeup for kids tutorialsUse black makeup and a brush to draw in the classic Dracula hairline, as well as some exaggerated eyebrows.

Finish the look with dark circles under the eyes using a blend of black and purple paint, and black lips with white fangs drawn onto the bottom lip.

A little drop of ‘blood’ using some red lipstick or face paint will finish off the look nicely.

2. Clown
For an extra creepy look, why not transform your child into a mini Pennywise the clown?

Start by creating a white base using face paint, then draw on some striking eyebrows with black face paint or eyeliner.

Add red lips with the classic red lines curving up and over the eyes for that classic It look.

For a less scary look, use lipstick to colour in a larger-than-life mouth and a red nose, and eyeliner to create triangle shapes above and below the eyes.

It’s a bit more Ronald McDonald than killer clown – so may be better for younger kids.3. Old person
Turning your child into an OAP can often have a cute effect and it’s an easy look to create last-minute with some makeup.

Use a brown eyebrow pencil or eyeshadow on a thin brush to create wrinkles across the forehead, on the Cupid’s bow and the corners of the mouth.

Add a pair of reading glasses and spray some dry shampoo spray-on grey hair colour to add to that pensioner look.

4. Ghost
It’s easy to create a ghostly look with a few simple face paints, and when you throw on a baggy white t-shirt it’s a cheap costume too.

First, cover your child’s face in white face paint, then use black face paint to shade around the eyes.

Black lips can also add a spooky touch, or you can leave them completely white too.

5. Pumpkin
A Jack O’Lantern is a fun and friendly costume for a younger child and an easy makeup look to recreate.

You’ll need some orange face paint to completely cover your child’s face as the base of the pumpkin look.

Then use black face paint to draw on the shape of your Jack O’Lantern.

Try shading in triangles above the eyes, a black triangle nose and a jagged cut-out mouth shape for a classic look.

6. Spiderwebs
For a simple but effective Halloween face design, why not go for a spider web effect?

Using black face paint on a thin brush (or liquid eyeliner) you can easily create this look. The most effective way to do this is to start with the centre of the web in the corner of the eye.

Fan the spiderweb out around the side of the face, and if you’re feeling creative you can even add a cheeky spider in too.

7. Wicked witch
If you’ve got a witch’s costume for your child then a Wicked Witch face is the perfect way to dress it up further.

Use green face paint all over their face for the base, and then use black face paint to draw on eyebrows.

A bright red lipstick finishes off the look perfectly – and you can add some purple eyeshadow if you want to take it a step further.

8. Superhero mask
Does your child want to be a superhero without the irritation of wearing a mask all day?

Use face paints to create one instead!

For a simple mask, outline around the eyes in black and then fill in with colour.

And if you’re feeling more inventive, you could try something fancier like the Batman logo or a red, white and blue Spiderman-inspired mask.

At the very least, a last-minute mask could be fashioned out of black liquid eyeliner and red lipstick if you forget the face paints.

9. Pirate
If you’ve got the pirate costume then you need a simple, yet effective pirate face to go with it.

Of course, you’ll need to draw on an eye patch with black face paints.

You can use a sponge to smudge on a stubble beard and moustache or draw a twisted moustache instead.

A few scars on the face will finish off the look – just add a pirate hat and you’re good to go.

10. Skeleton
A skeleton costume needs a skeleton face to match – and this is easy to do.

Start with a white base, and then all you need is some black face paint for the details.


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