a music producer, was recently revealed

Chen Lingtao, a music producer, was recently revealed to have split up with his four-year girlfriend. Surprisingly, his girlfriend alleged that Chinese star Meng Meiqi of WJSN (Cosmic Girls) was to blame. They are said to have met at work.

Both appeared on “Produce Camp 101.” Meng was a performer, while Chen was the music director. He was also revealed to be assisting Meng in the production of her most recent album. Although some speculated that the two were dating, Meng denied the rumors through her agency on October 19th. Chen’s girlfriend, on the other hand, came out on October 25th to expose the two.His girlfriend, identified on Weibo as “They call me huge flower sister,” published a lengthy post about his betrayal that was full of sorrow and pain. The cherry on top was that it all happened only a few days before their fourth wedding anniversary. Flower revealed that she found out about his cheating in July of last year. She’d seen his chat logs and noticed him communicating with Meng. She also learned that he was going to see the artist at a hotel. Flower confronted him, and the two agreed to end their relationship. Flower intended to give him a second opportunity, but after his birthday, she changed her mind.

Chen, it seems, had been slowly making amends with her with beautiful words. “I expected him to (find) me on his birthday, but he avoided me.” He brought (Meng) to his birthday celebrations and afterward accompanied her to Tibet for her birthday celebrations,” she stated.Chen later phoned Flower to inform her that he had ended his relationship with Meng, but it was too late. Chen did explain that Meng hadn’t known he was already taken, which is why they broke up. Flower stated that she was nonetheless harmed by his acts, regardless of the cause and that Chen compensated her with 400,000 yuan (about RM260,000) as a result of her remorse.

On Weibo, the music producer confirmed the situation by posting a photo of a message he’d written on his phone. He responded, “I did not flee.” “I’ve come to terms with my mistakes.” “This is an issue (between) two persons,” he said, without naming names. I hope this doesn’t do any more harm to (those who are) innocent.” The producer expressed regret to his family and, curiously enough, penned what appeared to be an informal will. While some internet users mocked him, others worried that the situation was affecting his mental health.


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