BNP hails US State Department’s report on Bangladesh

BNP hails US State Department's report on Bangladesh's

BNP hails US State Department’s report on Bangladesh BNP standing board of trustees individuals have hailed the US State Department’s report on Bangladesh’s common freedoms rehearses as they suspect it has uncovered the authentic situation of the nation’s legal executive, races and the basic liberties circumstance.


BNP hails US State Department’s report on Bangladesh

The BNP policymakers at their gathering on Friday additionally saw that the claims of genuine infringement of basic liberties by the current “fundamentalist” system and causing resistance pioneers and activists to vanish and killing and tormenting them by regulation implementers have been laid out as truth universally through the US report, said party secretary general Mirza Fakhrul Islam Alamgir.


Talking at a public interview at BNP executive’s Gulshan office, he said: “The US sanctions on the RAB and its seven (previous and current) authorities laid out that reality further.”

Prior on Tuesday night, The US State Department delivered the 2021 Country Reports on Human Rights Practices, a yearly report.

The reports likewise featured the privileges issues, including brutal and dangerous jail conditions, erratic captures or detainments, political detainees, major issues with the autonomy of the legal executive and inconsistent or unlawful impedance with security


Fakhrul said their standing council meeting thinks the US report uncovered the genuine truth with respect to the extrajudicial killings, passings in authority because of merciless torment by policing, the capture of dissenters’ folks, kin, affecting the legal interaction, particularly condemning Begum Khaleda Zia in a “bogus” case and sending her to imprison because of political impact.

Fakhrul said their gathering voiced worry over a report of Transparency International Bangladesh on inconsistencies of Tk23,000 crore in acquiring immunizations and handling the Covid-19 circumstance.


He said the gathering likewise communicated stresses as a US court excused a Bangladesh Bank argument against a Philippines business substance, which was charged in the remarkable digital heist looked by the national bank six a long time back.

The BNP pioneer said they think the case was documented with the US court to quiet the cash heist occurrence.

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