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Unconditional cash assistance brings relief to Monowara

“I was not a person with a physical disability at my earlier ages. One day , when I was 12, suddenly I felt pain in my legs. I received treatment from a village doctor (not a certified doctor). After a few days, I lost my ability to walk,” says Monowara, 45, a resident of Teknaf sub-district. 

Monowara cannot walk without the support of a stick and requires help from her elder son to carry her if she needs to leave her home. Her husband Salam passed away 7 years ago.


She lives with her two younger sons Saiful (16) and Shahidul (7). She has no cultivable land except for 3 decimals (0.012 hectares) of homestead area.

She was living without hope. She saw her neighbors earn money by making handicrafts. She also learned how to make handicrafts from neighbors and earned 3,000 BDT (US$35) per month. “Now I am old and do not have the physical strength to make crafts,” says Monowara.

“When I was struggling to survive, World Vision helped me to come out from poverty,” says Monowara. “After my husband’s death, I had a tough time. I suffered a lot. We did not get good food and dress for my children and couldn’t pay their educational expenses,” she continues.

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